COVID Policy


Safety is of the utmost importance as we look to re-open our swim school in this new COVID world. 

As a business that operates in Washington, D.C., as well as at the pools of Trinity and Catholic Universities, we will follow all of the safety requirements put forth by the CDC, the DC Government, and the various pools in which we operate. In addition to this, there are some areas that have no clear guidance, and in those circumstances, we will use our internal policy to guide our COVID safety protocols.

Vaccine Status

Staff: 100% of our staff is fully vaccinated against COVID-19.

Lesson Participants: We require that any adult over the age of 18 be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 before training with us. Per our best understanding of local and CDC guidance, children are not required to be vaccinated to participate in swim lessons.

Mask Policy

All personnel outside of the water will follow the masking requirements set forth by the pool in which we are renting from. Currently, the Catholic pool (for children’s lessons) and the Trinity pool (for adult lessons) both require the use of a mask while inside the building. To this end, our lifeguard, site supervisor, and all parent observers in the stands are required to wear a mask. In the event of a water or medical safety event, the lifeguard and/or site supervisor will remove their masks to facilitate and administer in-water rescue, CPR, or to facilitate clear emergency communication.

All personnel inside the water will not wear masks. Swimming requires easy access to breathing, no child or adult enrolled in swim lessons will be allowed to wear a mask at any point during the swim lesson. For water safety and communication concerns, our coaches will not be wearing masks or face shields in the water during instruction.

Grouping and Social Distancing

Our swim lesson program occurs in two formats:

Private lessons (1:1) and group lessons (as high as 4 swimmers to 1 coach).

Each lesson-grouping will be separated from any other grouping by at least 6 feet. However, for aquatic safety reasons, there will be no required social distancing requirements within each group. Our coaches require being no more than 3 seconds away from any child in their group at any time.

Group lessons will be 27 minutes long to allow time for one group to exit and the other to start without mixing groups.

COVID Exposure Notification and Requirements

Reporting Requirements: If a participant in Swim Lessons tests positive for COVID at any point in the 7 days following a lesson, the positive test must be reported to Old City Swim School via email ( and DC Health (

The positive testing participant must quarantine for 14 days or obtain a negative COVID test prior to returning to lessons.

If a coach tests positive for COVID, the coach is required to notify Old City Swim School and is not allowed to return to coaching until they’ve completed a 14-day quarantine or obtained a negative test.

Contact Tracing: Close contacts at Old City Swim School include anyone who was in the same training group as someone who reported a positive COVID test and has had a possible COVID exposure. In addition, close contacts also include the coach, as well as all of the training groups that said coach subsequently coached following the exposure.

For a coach who reports a positive COVID result, all of their training groups for the past 5 days will be considered close contacts.

If you have been notified and designated a Close Contact individual, you will be required to obtain a negative COVID test or be symptom-free for 14 days following the notification before returning to swim lessons.