What is Family Swim Night?

Family Swim Night is a once-a-month Friday evening open swim opportunity for all families with at least one actively enrolled swimmer in Learn-to-Swim, Stroke School, or the Parent & Tot program.

Family Swim Night is a great opportunity to make up missed pool time or just get some extra swim time in addition to your child’s four monthly lessons. Plus, it’s a ton of fun for families!

Everyone in your family can attend Family Swim Night. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve missed a class or not. It doesn’t matter whether you RSVP by a certain time or not. All you have to do is just show up. All family members welcome!

While Family Swim Night is not a formal lesson, coaches will be on deck and happy to review the skills being worked on at your child’s level and offer tips on how to maximize your time in the pool with your child. We want to help you appropriately challenge and work with your child in the pool while having a ton of fun together as a family!

Why Family Swim Night?

Kids benefit greatly from fun, unprogrammed pool time outside of lessons with their families. Whether your child is an experienced swimmer who just wants to goof around and play games in the pool with her friends or a more cautious, newer swimmer, free play pool time at Family Swim Night will contribute towards your child’s overall comfort, confidence, and success learning how to swim. We believe Family Swim Night will help cement your child’s love of swimming and create family memories that will last a lifetime!

When is Family Swim Night?

Mark your calendar!

2019 Friday Family Swim Nights: 

  • January 29
  • February 8
  • March 15
  • April 26
  • May 17
  • June 21
  • July 19
  • August 16
  • September 20
  • October 25
  • November 15
  • December 6

Friday Family Swim Nights take place from 6-7pm at the MSSD Pool. All family members welcome, no need to RSVP, just show up ready to swim, have fun, and make family memories!

Good to Know Details

What we provide:

  • Full access to the MSSD Pool, including the diving board!
  • Access to MSSD Locker Rooms*
  • Greeters to check you in when you arrive
  • Lifeguards
  • Pool Rules posted on the MSSD Old City Swim School Bulletin Board
  • Deck Staff to help answer any questions you may have and provide tips on how to swim with your child
  • Equipment typically available during lessons: kickboards, swim noodles, etc.

What you need to know:

  • Doors open at 5:45 pm 15 minutes before Family Swim Night to allow families time to check-in with the Greeter and use the locker rooms.
  • Your entire family is welcome to come and swim as long as you have at least ONE swimmer actively enrolled at Old City Swim School!
  • You do NOT need to RSVP in advance, just show up and we’ll check you in.
  • YOU are responsible for your own children and their safety at Family Swim Night.
  • Inflatables, floaties, and life jackets are NOT allowed with the exception of swim noodles and dive sticks which are OK.

*We have been given permission to use the locker rooms on the designated Family Swim Night once a month IF no MSSD students are present. Old City Swim School staff will be responsible for checking locker rooms in advance and approving for use.


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