Make a difference in a kid’s life today by teaching them the most valuable life skill: swimming!

Old City Swim School is the premiere learn-to-swim program for families in DC/Capitol Hill area. We’re passionate about teaching everyone how to swim and are deeply committed to preparing people for a life of fun in and around the water. At Old City Swim School, we create pride by delivering effective swimming experiences for customers AND staff. We offer free and continuous on-the-job training of our curriculum and training methods to all of our team members. Our benefits include: free parking, pre-tax metro fare deductions, direct deposit, flexible scheduling, access to free fitness classes, and more!

Positions listed as OPEN below are accepting applications. Positions listed as CLOSED below are not available.

Instructors/Coaches to teach fundamentals of pool safety and beginner swimming to children ages 2 and up. CLOSED

Certified Indoor Lifeguards CLOSED

Registration/Deck Assistants CLOSED

Experienced Coaches to teach technical stroke development & team-level swimming to advanced students CLOSED

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Must be energetic, fun, playful, and enjoy working with kids. Must submit to a background check in accordance with local laws/regulations.

Must be assessed by our staff to teaching in-water or lifeguarding for up to 2.5 hours at a time with no breaks in a deep water indoor pool

Registration/Deck Assistants must be assessed by our staff to be OK standing and moving around for up to 3 hours at a time in extremely close proximity to a deep water indoor pool

Must commit to a shift schedule three weeks ahead of time and arrive on time, every time. Must work at least 3 times a week. Preference is given to candidates that can work 4 or 5 times a week.

Technical swimming background NOT required but must undergo a swim assessment test as part of the interview process.

Registration/Deck Assistants are not required to complete a swim assessment test but will be assessed on other skills required to work on the pool deck.

Here’s some fine print:

    • Our pay rate for all probationary/new employees and training shifts is $14.00 per hour.
    • Instructors/Coaches pay rates are then determined upon progression and qualifications within our in-house training program. The range is $14.50-$28.80 per hour based on ongoing qualifications/test results, and hours worked.
    • Greeters and Certified Lifeguards are paid $18-$20 per hour. (Proof of certification required upon application for Lifeguards.)
    • Candidates who are not 18 years of age, or candidates that do not have a high-school diploma or GED equivalent are welcome to apply.
  • No previous swim instruction experience required but competitive swim experience is preferred.
  • All candidates must submit to a background check in accordance with local laws/regulations.

 Shift Availability:

Shift times begin at 5:00 and 5:15 on weekday evenings Mon-Thurs and at 8:15AM and 9:15AM on Sat mornings. Staff are assigned to work 3 times per week and our class schedules are locked in for 3 weeks ahead of time. Detailed shift descriptions are listed in the online job application form below.

Lessons take place at the MSSD pool on Gallaudet University’s campus off Florida Avenue and 8th Streets NE. It is a 25 minute walk from the metro. Employees must provide their own transportation. Free parking available. Bike racks available.

Swimming Ability:

Instructors/Coaches and Lifeguards must complete a swim asessment to determine ability and competence in the following:

This includes: Swim freestyle 50 yards continuously with rotary breathing and face fully submerged in the water breathing through the nose; Swim 25 yards backstroke, Swim 25 yards breast stroke, Swim 25 yards butterfly; Jump in deep water and tread water for 2 minutes using only the legs; Complete a timed event within 1 minute, 40 seconds starting in the water that consists of: swim 20 yards and surface dive to a depth of 7 to 10 feet to retrieve a 10-pound object. Return to the surface and swim 20 yards on the back returning to the starting point. Lift the object out of the pool and lift self out of the pool without using a ladder or steps.

Not sure you can complete the swim test?

Don’t let that deter you from applying! For superstar candidates who require some fine-tuning on their swimming skills listed above, you can join our in-house training program that allows you to start working right away and receive coaching from members of our team to help you practice.