• 08 Aug
    Rash Guards are Great…Just not at Swim Lessons

    Rash Guards are Great…Just not at Swim Lessons

    When it comes to swimwear less is more when learning to swim.

    Imagine you’re a 50 lb boy who is learning the finer points of balance and floating in the water. This is a difficult task, and it’s made harder the more material that gets water logged that this boy wears.

    Rash guards are great for UV protection, however, we don’t think they are helpful, and may even be counterproductive, for learning to swim in our indoor pool.

    Anything that is worn in the pool beyond a basic swimsuit gets filled with water, which adds drag and weight that your little one has to overcome. This makes learning-to-swim a much more difficult task. At Old City Swim School we want to remove as many barriers to learning to swim as possible.

    Once your child learns our basic swimming survival skills of balance and floating, it’s much easier for your child to adapt those skills while adding in those necessary protective layers for outdoor play.

    If your child is struggling to pass a given level, or if you’re interested in removing all possible barriers that might be limiting your child’s growth in our learn to swim program, consider leaving the rash guard and baggy shorts at home.

    Instead, try to find a snug fitting ‘racing style’ snug fitting swimsuit for your kiddo’s time at swim lessons.

    Hopefully, someday your child will be so good at swimming that in order to help them train effectively, their swim coach will require them to wear leggings and an extra baggy swim suit at practice.

    Until then… leave the rash guard shirts, surfer board shorts at home!

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    By Sean Emery Learn-to-Swim