Old City Swim is a skill and technique-based program. Our approach works for first-time swimmers and experienced athletes alike. Scroll down for details on each program we offer.

Adult Swim Lessons

Regardless of where your starting point is, we can help you get better at swimming.


Our Adult Learn-to-Swim program is specifically designed for any adult who can’t swim at all or any adult who wants to learn to swim more efficiently.

What You Will Learn

Beginners: In the beginning stages, you will learn how to safely enter and exit the pool, get your head wet, exhale through your nose and then move to practice floating while continuing to build your confidence in the water.

Intermediate: We start to introduce the fundamentals of swimming; efficient kicking and body balancing and rotating before beginning to learn the first stroke: freestyle! Progression from here teaches you how to efficiently breathe on your side, swim freestyle for endurance, learn the breaststroke, the backstroke, and tread water in the deep end.

Advanced: This is all about efficiency. We don’t make you better at swimming by throwing mindless laps at you. We continue to work on your technique, refining your limiting skill, making each stroke you take more efficient resulting in increased endurance and speed.


All of our Adult classes are done in a 30-minute private lesson format. You’ll purchase a package of private lessons and you’ll schedule the lessons anytime that we have times scheduled.

Our current schedule is displayed below.

The lesson packages that we sell are as follows:

  • 4 sessions for $360 ($90/session)
  • 8 sessions for $680 ($85/session)
  • 12 sessions for $960 ($80/session)
  • 24 for $1800 ($75/session)
  • 48 for $3240 ($67.50/session)

How to Enroll

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