Our two boys love Old City Swim School and their coaches.  For the past two years, the coaches have focused on making things fun while also helping the boys improve their strokes and learn water safety.  Their progress is due to the individualized attention they receive during class and ongoing monitoring of their skill level by the coaches.  As a parent, I also appreciate the staff and coaches of Old City Swim School for their active interest in the boys’ skill development in the pool and the boys’ well-being out of the pool.  We enjoy being part of the Old City Swim School family and constantly recommend the programs to other families.

Denise F.

Thank you Old City Swim School for teaching my 3 children to be strong, confident swimmers. We thoroughly enjoyed our experience in the Learn-to-Swim program! In particular, Coach Meg played a huge role in the progress of one of our kids and for this we'll be forever grateful. I will always be deeply appreciative of the patience and consideration given to each child over the course of their time in lessons.

Thu P.

We have two children taking swim lessons with Old City and we are tremendously pleased with the structure and quality of the program. The swim instructors are professional and meet the development needs of each child. The children learn quickly about the skills they must to learn at each level before testing and advancing. The swim coaches work 1:1 or 2:1 with the kids to master each skill.


I highly recommend the Old City swim program for other practical reasons. There is ample and free parking (seriously, where do you get that in DC these days). It's also a time wise choice, as both children can swim (at different levels) at the same time. And finally, the program is well managed, responsive, and the staff are caring and professional. One note of caution, plan/budget for awhile in the program because most kids (or a least mine) don't learn how to swim in a couple months by going once a week.


The truth is, if you stick with this program the kids will learn how to swim and learn how to swim well. I consider it a life insurance policy worth investing in.

Tracy Z.

Our little guy has always been active, so we started him in swim lessons at a very early age. We ping-ponged back and forth between multiple programs all over the DC area, all kind of stuck in between this phase of teaching kids not to be afraid of the water to actually swimming laps. We were frustrated as we couldn't find the program that worked for our active little guy, who was fearless in the pool. Through a referral, we tried Old City Swimming, and the ping-ponging stopped!  We're a year in and have loved everything about Old City! The program design of promoting swimmers from one level to the next is excellent, as it ensures he's learning the foundations of swimming appropriately, but also teaches him about working towards a goal and being rewarded when you meet it. In watching, I'm always amazed at how the teachers provide focused instruction to each child they are working with.  Finally, the overall program is wonderful to work with.  They communicate openly, anticipate the holidays and adjust schedules, and always always greet our entire family with a smile.  Can't say enough about how much we love about Old City!  I can't wait to see my little guy swimming laps of all the different strokes, and neither can he!

Christie J.


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