Old City Swim Adult Programs

Regardless of your swimming experience or goals, we have a program that will work for you. Interested? Click the “Get Started” button below and we’ll be in touch with next steps to get started!

Swim Fundamentals for Adults

Our Fundamentals program is great for a wide range of adults regardless of your starting point or ability level. Whether you're afraid of the water or would like to polish up your technique, the Fundamentals class will meet you where you are today and grow with you as you learn

Intermediate SwimFIT

Intermediate SwimFIT provides a focus on both stroke technique improvement and building stamina and endurance. Each class includes a skill-based component in one of the four strokes in addition to a stamina and endurance-based workout.


For those who have previous competitive swim experience in all 4 strokes, SwimFIT is designed for you. Our coaches will offer minor technique feedback and reminders however the primary focus of this program is achieving great fitness and conditioning through swimming!

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