Old City Swim School is a technique-driven learn-to-swim-program that teaches the four classic swim strokes.

A level-based “building block” curriculum,  swimmers are promoted from one level to the next upon successful mastery of the specific skills required at each of the 8 levels.



Families can join at any time through a rolling admissions process based on class openings. Once you are enrolled, your class day/time is yours for as long as you would like!

We operate with an ongoing 365 day/year (minus only a few major holidays) because we believe, similar to learning an instrument, students learn best when exposed to something on a consistent basis over a period of time. An 8-week session or summer program is a great start but will not produce sustained “skills for life” results. Classical pianists are not created overnight and neither are competent pool-safe swimmers.

Learning to swim is a commitment, a very important one, that we take seriously at Old City Swim School, and we can’t wait to work with your child on their learn-to-swim journey!


PARENTS AND TOTS - $75/month

Parent & Tot is the perfect place to start if you have a child who is 2-3 years old. The Parent & Tot programming focuses on developing the foundational skills required to successfully participate in our SwimAmerica Learn-to-Swim Program for kids ages 3-12 years old. Membership in the Parent & Tot program includes 4 lessons per month at your specific lesson day and time slot on a recurring monthly basis. Our curriculum is designed to get your child comfortable in the water and getting wet. We teach fundamental water skills including safe entry into and exit from the pool, incremental introduction of going underwater/water submersion, flutter kicking, and front and back floats. As your child advances in skill level over time, our coaches are able to scale the difficulty of each drill to match the progression your child is making.


Old City Swim’s Learn-to-Swim program provides an essential first-step in preparing kids for a lifetime of fun in and around the water. The Learn-to-Swim program is a technique-based program designed for kids ages 3-12 who are comfortable getting wet and being in the pool with a coach. Check out our learn-to-swim readiness guide here to see if your child is a good candidate for our learn-to-swim program.   

The Learn-to-Swim program has eight-levels that teach children proficiency across the four classic swim strokes and achieve Old City Pool-Safe status upon graduation. All swimmers, regardless of age begin at Level 1. Children are advanced to the next level once they demonstrate the required skills at their current level. While advancing all the way to Level 8 can take some time, you’ll be able to watch and cheer your child along as they gain new skills in each level and become a stronger and more capable swimmer along the way!

Check out our blog post here that reviews what a first lesson looks like for a more experienced swimmer or for a first-time swimmer.


Upon graduating our Learn-to-Swim Program, your child will be invited to join Old City Stroke School. The Stroke School allow swimmers to develop stroke mastery and water competence in a fun, team-like environment. With 45-minute practices and access to pool time up to 4 evenings a week, the Stroke School provides families with a flexible program for that “next” step in swimming. Stroke School is structured as more of a sports-focused practice designed to help kids build endurance and stamina with internal non-competitive swim meets taking place approximately every 12-weeks.


NEW! 2020 Stroke School “Meet” Schedule

  • January 10
  • May 1
  • July 10
  • November 6

FAMILY SWIM NIGHT - Free with Membership

All families with at least one actively enrolled swimmer are invited to participate in a monthly Friday night Family Swim Night. Family Swim Night is from 6-7pm at the MSSD pool on Gallaudet’s campus. All family members welcome!

Visit our Family Swim Night page to learn more and see the current schedule!