• 16 Apr

    A4 Papper

    A4 Papper

    A logo for a Moscow mobile saler.


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    By Amy Rzepka
  • 13 Jan

    Kurppa Hosk

    Unit Portables

    – Product design
    – Brand strategy
    – Naming
    – Brand identity
    – E-commerce
    – Digital design
    – Packaging
    – Brand managament
    – Content creation

    Besides being branding and design professionals, Kurppa Hosk has also co-founded a bag company, Unit Portables. With distribution in 25 countries and over 50,000 units sold, it’s undeniably a success. Kurppa Hosk is behind the product development, visual identity and brand communication around the venture. We’ve also developed the digital experience on unitportables.com, where a large part of the sales take place. Unit Portable products have been featured in renowned magazines such as the Guardian and Wired and have generated a great deal of buzz in the online design community.

    By Amy Rzepka