• 13 Jan

    Créations Namale

    Créations Namale

    Branding, Strategy, Website Design & Development, Photography

    Namale, n. 1. From the Fijian language, meaning “Unique Jewel”.
    2. Second largest island in the Fiji archipelago, Vitu Levu.

    Since her early age, Feda has had a passion for the creation of jewelry. As a child she liked to watch the family jeweler do its work in the city of Aleppo in Syria. When she arrived in Canada, she brought with her a passion that has never left her since. A couple of years ago, she decided to create her own jewelry brand, Namale Creations, making a childhood dream come true. Namale is a word that comes fromthe Fijian language and means “Unique Jewel”, it perfectly represents her products which are all handmade and crafted with the finest materials available.


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    By Amy Rzepka