February 16, 2017


Old City Swim School has been a game changer for our 5 year old son! Before these lessons, he was scared to go in the water without a life/flotation vest, and hated taking baths, which caused all of us significant weeknight stress. Now, he is much more comfortable in the water — he takes showers all by himself.

One thing I really appreciate is how the teachers pay attention to how he’s feeling and make sure he advances at his own pace. For example, he had technically mastered the 10 bobs one lesson, but the teacher noticed that he wasn’t really comfortable with that skill yet. So she waited another week to give him more time to practice and get comfortable – and then he graduated. It was exactly the right balance of challenging and supporting for my son. Other swim classes we’ve taken have not had that level of individualized attention. I’m grateful for it and can’t wait for this summer so we can play together in pools and lakes!

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