Christie J.

February 16, 2017

Christie J.

Our little guy has always been active, so we started him in swim lessons at a very early age. We ping-ponged back and forth between multiple programs all over the DC area, all kind of stuck in between this phase of teaching kids not to be afraid of the water to actually swimming laps.

We were frustrated as we couldn’t find the program that worked for our active little guy, who was fearless in the pool. Through a referral, we tried Old City Swimming, and the ping-ponging stopped!  We’re a year in and have loved everything about Old City! The program design of promoting swimmers from one level to the next is excellent, as it ensures he’s learning the foundations of swimming appropriately, but also teaches him about working towards a goal and being rewarded when you meet it.

In watching, I’m always amazed at how the teachers provide focused instruction to each child they are working with.  Finally, the overall program is wonderful to work with.  They communicate openly, anticipate the holidays and adjust schedules, and always always greet our entire family with a smile.  Can’t say enough about how much we love about Old City!  I can’t wait to see my little guy swimming laps of all the different strokes, and neither can he!

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