Tracy Z.

February 16, 2017

Tracy Z.

We have two children taking swim lessons with Old City and we are tremendously pleased with the structure and quality of the program. The swim instructors are professional and meet the development needs of each child. The children learn quickly about the skills they must to learn at each level before testing and advancing. The swim coaches work 1:1 or 2:1 with the kids to master each skill.


I highly recommend the Old City swim program for other practical reasons. There is ample and free parking (seriously, where do you get that in DC these days). It’s also a time wise choice, as both children can swim (at different levels) at the same time. And finally, the program is well managed, responsive, and the staff are caring and professional. One note of caution, plan/budget for awhile in the program because most kids (or a least mine) don’t learn how to swim in a couple months by going once a week.


The truth is, if you stick with this program the kids will learn how to swim and learn how to swim well. I consider it a life insurance policy worth investing in.

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